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Audio engineers agree on one thing: for the best digital mixing consoles for live sound, the only name that counts is Digico. DiGiCo consoles are renowned for their industry-leading sound quality and ease of use and are accepted as a worldwide standard for live audio mixing. DiGiCo provides the workflow, the feature set and the total reliability that the world’s largest tours relyon, from the lightweight and affordable S21 all the way up to the revolutionary power of Quantum 7.

DiGiCo has been at the forefront of the digital mixing movement since the arrival of the groundbreaking D5 Live, changing the world of touring sound with a succession of inventions. Stealth Digital Processing and vast reserves of power are available with Digico consoles.

If you are located in the Caribbean Islands, AMR can bring you Digico digital mixing solutions that are built to surpass the expectations of tomorrow’s touring productions.