RME Audio


In today's music-creating environment, users should never have to tolerate sub-standard reliability and performance — whether the goal is to capture a multi-piece orchestra in a commercial recording environment, tracking a world-class halftime show or a demo in a bedroom studio. RME Audio products are used daily by working professionals in a wide range of different areas. From recording studios to major broadcast companies, scientific research establishments, high profile live tours, west end theatre productions and national art installations. You can even find RME products in systems monitoring whale movements near off-shore oil rigs! Whether you're in the studio, in the desert, out at sea or at home; you can count on your RME Audio equipment to deliver the quality and reliability you need. From the very beginning, unsurpassed performance has been one of the cornerstones of RME‘s product design, and this is even more evident today. RME was the first to deliver professional performance over USB 2.0 and has recently paved the way for multichannel audio on USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt technology for Windows. RME‘s refusal to compromise on any aspect of product design or manufacture has resulted in an unrivaled reputation for quality, performance, and reliability. *Territory Exclusions Apply - please Inquire for more info*

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